About Deep Construction

We provide a variety of services to Federal, Provincial, Municipal governments, as well as commercial. Deep Construction will continue to achieve success with our increasing staff, experience, knowledge, and growing client base. We believe in providing excellent service, competitive pricing, and reasonable timelines, while maintaining high level of safety and quality standards.

Deep Construction is the true general contractor for all of Northern Ontario. We offer multiple disciplines under one brand, which allows us to have ultimate control of customized and integrated project management for our clients. Being able to eliminate sub-contract portions of the project, we are able to achieve our goal to complete projects on time, on budget and safely without incident.

Deep Construction is Committed to Safety

The management of Deep Construction is committed to health and safety. To achieve this goal we continue to develop, implement, and evaluate our health and safety policy and program in order to maintain maximum effect. Communication between management and staff is essential to ensuring that all employees receive ongoing training on health and safety matters.

Leading by actions rather than words, we strive to have the safest possible work environment. We strongly believe that every staff member has a role to play in creating a safe and healthy workplace. We must all work together to prevent incidents and accidents from creating unwanted losses and personal harm.

At DEEP, we are dedicated to the safety of all our workers to prevention of all accidents.

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